Summer Acting Workshops

6/22 4:30-6:15 (6-10 years) - Acting For Comedy

6/22 6:30-8:15 (11+) - Acting For Comedy

Learn the important specifics needed for acting in a comedy. Timing, delivery, physicality, reacting and so much more. Discover how to make funny look natural and convincing as you learn about the different types of comedic acting.

7/6 4:30-6:15 (6-10 years) - Improv

7/6 6:30-8:15 (11+) - Improv

Deepen your skills as an actor by studying the art of improvisational acting. Learn how to think on your feet, stay in the moment and respond in a way to get the biggest laugh out of your audience!

7/13 4:30-6:15 (6-10 years) - Audition Prep w/ Headshots

7/13 6:30-8:15 (11+) - Audition Prep w/ Headshots

Learn how to walk into any audition looking and sounding professional. Learn how to build and present a polished resume that can grow with you as you become more accomplished. Explore how to choice a monologue thats right for you and how to show them your best in the 2 minutes you have in front of the casting directors.

7/20 4:30-6:15 (6-10 years) - Character Development

7/20 6:30-8:15 (11+) - Character Development

Learn how to dive deep into your characters and find your interpretation as well as things like author intent, reacting, subtextual Indication, physicality, objectives and tactics. Bring any character you take on to life in a truly meaningful way.

7/27 4:30-6:15 (6-10 years) - Acting Through Song

7/27 6:30-8:15 (11+) - Acting Through Song

Learn to perform a song in order to clarify the meaning of its text, to practice diction, to place emphasis on being present, to express proper emotion and accurate portrayal of charcterazation, preparing a set up, and to develop coordination of rhythm of text.

Workshops are $30

Register online through your Parent Portal under "Events"